run = fun

Downtown Huntsville has been my go-to location for outdoor sessions this winter. Even when the rest of our landscape is brown and bare the bricks and buildings of downtown always provide a beautiful backdrop for little ones. Plus it’s so much fun for kiddos to play there. When else do they get to run amuck down sidewalks, up stairs and between abandoned buildings? I mean, come on, that’s fun.

This little cutie totally agreed. We had a great time yesterday exploring together.


You know what else he thought was fun? Running!

Running from me = extreme hilarity

36 46

Running from siblings = even better


The session was specifically for the littlest dude but mom was hoping we’d get at least one good shot of her three together. With an 18 month old in the mix that’s not a sure thing. His big brother and sister were such troopers though and so patient and loving with him. They were more than happy to play while he did his thing…


And we even managed to pull off this…


(and there’s more where that came from!)

Thanks for the fun you guys! =)

Kelley Cute, cute, cute!!! I especially love that last one of the three of them!

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