round two.

Remember this little cutie? Well we met again yesterday for round two of our session together and he was just as much fun as I remembered! I got to take him to my absolute favorite location and once again it didn’t disappoint.

(he was loving our Curious George umbrella!)



And his mom brought this awesome antique bike along. Let me tell you, she has some great taste!:)


Two thoughts go through my head when I see this next shot:

1) the E.T. on a bike scene. 

2) I have to get one of these of my own kids. Have to.


Jennifer That skin! Those eyes! That hair! I’m so jealous…..

megan He’s definitely a cutie! That location IS amazing!

Just wondering…what time of day was it? What time do you generally try to schedule your outdoor sessions??

erin Megan, this shoot started at 5:30 and that last shot was taken around 6:00. The sun has been setting here sometime between 7:30 and 8:00 to give you an idea of what the light was like. Outdoor sessions are generally scheduled in the morning (before 10) or evening (after 5:00) depending on the location. I always prefer evening light but morning light can be pretty too!

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