My dear friend and mama of this little bit was given a teaser early last week and then I got slammed and haven’t had the chance to post more until now. I’ll make it up to her by pumping this post full of shots!

It’s not secret that I love color but certain subjects really speak to me in black and white. She’s one of them. She gives these soulful, wide-eyed stares that scream classic.


And then without skipping a beat she’s all colorful toddler again. If you listen closely you can hear the itsy bitsy spider climbing up the waterspout…


…down came the rain and WASHED the spider out…


We did this session on the campus of the University of Virginia…right at the start of morning classes! We dodged students left and right to get this one.


This next one is special to me (and her mama I think). She’s pushing two years old now and we’ve been photographing her with this elephant from the time she was a wee 7 pounds. Her brilliant mama wanted to use something everytime we photographed her that would give the images some scale and show how she’d grown. The elephant never quite laid right though and most of our sessions ended with her mama exclaiming "stupid elephant!" and lamenting why she’d chosen that particular lovey for the photographs. Now that we’re photographing a toddler though it seems like the perfect choice…check out the grip she has on that poor elephant! I mean, stupid elephant. =)   


I think her daddy is written all over her face in this next shot. Does anyone out there who knows her daddy agree with me?


Thanks for the fun morning, sweet friend.



You, me, and the elephant are sure to meet again.

jeramy wow! great shots! i love the 2nd black and white one. super cool.

Bianca what a doll! and a fun idea with the elephant 😀

Amy Oh, I miss that girl SO much! Fabulous photos and such a great backdrop. She does capture so much of her mama and daddy, but you’re definitely right about channeling daddy in that one photo!

m.a. Wonderful shots… if you don’t mind me asking. I know you said you prefer to shoot with a 50 mm. Is that a 50 mm if you’re shooting 35 mm (film), therefore it’s really a 75 mm with digital or is it a digital lens that is 50 mm? thanks!

erin I shoot exclusively digital so when I talk about using the 50mm/1.4 I’m talking about the digital lens. These shots were taken with the 85mm/1.8 though. Thanks for the question!

m.a. Thanks very much for clarifying!

Gina Pure Sweetness!

liz Ohmygoodness! Where have I been?!
Ohmygoodness my heart is melting!
I love that stupid elephant and I love my awesome friend!!!!!

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