repeat performance.

Back in March I took this shot of my kiddos…


Some of you avid blog readers may remember that it’s now featured in a storyboard that sits on my mantel. Well, our neighbors across the street are dear friends who happen to have children just a few months younger than each of our kiddos. Remember when the little guy was itty bitty? Their mama has been wanting for months to try to grab that same shot of her two beautiful babies. Sometimes planned shots make me nervous because you just never know what will happen in the moment but, in this case, I was thrilled! The kids were SO cooperative and if the other shot weren’t of my own kiddos I’d say I liked the new product better than the original!   




I’ll share a couple more of these cuties later this week!

Joel Perry Erin, once again you’ve brought tears of pride and joy to this dad’s eyes. I cannot start to tell you how much these pictures touch my heart. Thank you. Joel

Amy Thanks for the timely post! (Did you see my e-mail request?). These shots are so great. I love how you have some of your own “signature” shots now, but since every session is different, they all come out a little bit different. Beautiful!

erin Amy, that’s funny that you should mention signature shots because tomorrow I’ll post a couple that remind me soooo much of the ones we did of you guys when you were here. And, by the way, aren’t you supposed to be CAMPING right now? Hmmm…

erin Oops..forgot to mention…Joel, your comment rocks! Can’t wait for you to see the rest!

Jaime Jealous is all that comes to mind…I want a photo like this so badly of my kiddos! Simply beautiful!

jeramy great job erin! love the one where sis is kissing the baby.

Jennifer Ah, what sweet comment from Joel! The guys are finally starting to comment (way to go Jeramy!!)

Very cute pics!!!

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