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So. I’m about to bare my soul here. Are you ready? Here it is:

middle school boys scare me.

Seriously. Raging, wild two year olds? No problem. Newborns? Piece of cake. Middle school girls? Any day of the week. Middle school boys? Um, well, uh…

See, my only experience with middle school boys has been, well, in middle school. And if your experience was anything like mine then you’ll remember with me  that that place was cr-azy! All the boys I knew there were either shy, gawky, and unfortunately stinky or boisterous, obnoxious and even stinkier.

But I am happy, no, thrilled to report that on Monday evening I met a young man who single-handedly restored my faith in middle school boys! Can you believe it? He was funny, conversational, self-assured and not the least bit stinky! Seriously, this has opened a whole new world for me. Thanks Mr. W for representing your strange species well! =)

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Girls between the ages of 10 and 13 please turn away now. You may experience irregular chest palpitations if you proceed with the viewing of this particular blog post…

huntsville baby photographer 2

I warned you. I will not be held responsible for any medical bills that ensue.

They brought along the family dog which made our time together even that much more fun…

huntsville family photographer 2

And oh how I love this one!

huntsville newborn photographer 1

There are two reasons this young man is such a looker.

huntsville newborn photographer 2

And there you have ’em.

Hey, check it out! Even the dog is photogenic!

huntsville  family photographer 1

And since mom was so sweet and called today to check on how things were going with their pictures, here’s one special just for her…

huntsville newborn photographer 6

Now would someone please pass the phone? I have some 30-something year old men I need to call and question about their ridiculous middle school behavior from way back when. 😉

Danica Nelson I’m trying to be a better commenter lately…and your work just blows me away!! What beautiful images of this handsome young man and family. Oh, to be half as good as you someday….

Megan Will is totally dreamy! Their entire family is … even Butter…but I do have a soft spot for super sweet, large yellow dogs! Fantastic job Erin!!

Jennifer All I can say is WOW! The one with mom is just so special. She is one beautiful, captivating lady with a very handsome son! This is a picture I would just cherish to have.

Aunt Pattie You did such beautiful work. I am amazed. Nanny called to tell me to look it up on the web and I cried, it was so gorgeous. I already knew they are a beautiful family but you captured it totally. Thank you so much.

vanessa Those are beautiful, beautiful kid and I would die for the mom’s hair! The picture of the boy and his dog brought tears to my eyes. There is nothing like the bond between a childhood dog and his young friend and I think you captured that relationship perfectly!

misty Wow, what a gorgeous family! Your did a great job capturing them Erin!

Tessa Rice Wow! These are just awesome!!!

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