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I like to make predictions about what little ones will become when they grow up.

My daughter? A chef.

My son? Sound effects specialist.

This week’s newborn? Sprinter.

See, newborn sessions typically last right around three hours with all the diaper changes, cuddling, rocking, feeding, and swaddling. But with this little guy I found myself twiddling my thumbs right at the 1 hour, 36 minute mark. He was fast. Once we lulled him to sleep he never woke again and was happy with any pose we put him in. So I’m going with sprinter. Or time management specialist.

Wait, wait. I’ve changed my mind. Professional napper (aka college student).

Yes, that’s definitely it.

(Thank you Mr. Man for obliging me with a “sweet dreams” shot.)

Oh mama snuggles. There’s nothing better.


Can’t you just smell that heavenly newborn smell?

Before I headed out I had a little coloring date with his big sister back in her bedroom. There might have been some bed jumping too, but I’ll never tell. 😉

My prediction for her? High jumper.

Lisa Oh my goodness! These are precious. My fav is the second shot, I think. What a good little fortunate for you! Yeah..that’s a dream…congrats!

Amanda LOVE these! Adorable shots!

LizN FYI, when I was little, I wanted to be a Foley Artist (sound effects specialist). Get E some celophane to play with, turn your back, and you’ll think your house is on fire – fun stuff!

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