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I had to add the “plus” in there (get it, add the plus…hee hee) because to say this little family has personality simply wouldn’t cut it.They are full of personality. I’ve known their mama since high school although it’s been over 10 years since we’ve seen one another. What a treat to get to see here again AND meet her awesome husband AND chase around her spunky kiddos for an afternoon!

And speaking of spunky kiddos…

Oh wait, I promised you spunky, right? Let me start over again. Try this one…   

Ah yes, that’s more like it!

We met in one of Huntsville’s most popular parks which is usually swarming with people. But lucky for us we were on the tail end of a downpour and had the place to ourselves. With overcase skies and saturated, wet colors as an added bonus. I seriously love shooting on days like that. Am I nuts?

(Don’t answer that. I’ll figure that one out on my own.)

I’m kind of fascinated by birth order so being with three sisters so close in age was super fun. Even with only an hour or two to meet and peg little personalities it’s still easy to see birth order traits shine through.

If you’ve been with me for a while you might know I like to share the middle child first. You know, to help with their middle-childness. (Plus, this toothy grin just demands to be shared immediately!)

Then there’s the baby of the bunch who doesn’t have a shy bone in her body. Supported by the fact that she’s been in a movie. That was shown at Sundance. As her sister’s would say, “our sister is a movie star!”

And finally, the leader of the pack. Confident, cool, collected. (And captivating)

Thanks so much S family, for making the trek to Huntsville on a windy, rainy spring day. I hope the girls racked out for you on the drive home!

  Let’s not make it 10+ years next time, okay?!

M3 OMGosh, I love the muddy knees!! Such a perfect “I’m a joyously happy kid” sign. Why in the world do I always try to keep our girls all spotless before taking a family photo? (smacking forehead!) I always learn something on your site. Which reminds me, the Monday tips are great, thanks!

alicia Thanks so much Erin for spending the rainy, muddy day with us in the park! I am so impressed and will be on a count down until i get to see the rest. You really did capture the kids and their spunky spirit!! Steve couldn’t help but smile all afternoon!!! Thanks so much for your talent and sharing it with my family!!!

Susie Ahhh, Erin, these shots pull on my heartstrings :) YOU make those sweet girls personalities shine through. I’m sure their folks LOVE them!

PauPau Those 3 are full of energy. Wait til they come for the visit in San Antonio…. They will have plenty to see and do. I too have my special names for each of them. The pictures look great and the “mud” does look good too. PauPau….

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