out of my box: Megan and Jesse

My love of photographing babies, toddlers, and kiddos is fairly well documented.  This weekend I had the chance to try my hand at something new and I LOVED it. When Megan initially called asking for an engagement session I hesitated just for a moment. One of the reasons I love photographing children is because they’re so unencumbered and free in front of the camera – adults are a different story.  After making sure she was familiar with my style I decided to go for it. And I’m SO glad I did. It was awesome. They were awesome. Completely free and unencumbered – like a coupla kids!

We spent the first half of their session trekking around downtown Huntsville, discovering cool spots along the way.


From what I hear, Jesse’s aim on their first kiss was even worse than this…


Now this is more like it…


(did they rock that pose or what?! Nailed it.)

I asked Jesse to look proud and he assured me he could totally do it. He was right.


Hello beautiful girl…



And now you know why looking proud comes so easily for Jesse. Is Megan gorgeous or what?

Before we headed back to their house Megan was brave enough to take a couple of spins around the parking lot on the handlebars of Jesse’s bike (okay, technically it was Megan’s bike). My heart was racing as they made their first turn toward me…I was fairly certain my first engagement session was going to end with a broken bone for the bride.

But once again…



Megan and Jesse, thank you SO much for asking me to do this. I had a blast and I can’t wait to show you the rest of your images!

I am definitely up for doing this again so if there are any equally free and unencumbered couples out there, give me a call! =) 

Amy Those are great! You did such a good job and they look like such a fun couple!

jeramy wow! great job! excellent! you look like a pro!

joel serrato What a fun couple!
Great shots 😉

Joel Serrato Films

Jennifer Awsome pictures!! You may have another side-line!

Melissa Looks like you’ve just added to your repertoire! I love those pictures! I’m newly engaged…the day before Thanksgiving…do you happen to be coming to Virginia any time soon?!?!?!!!! Maybe I’ll just have to plan a vacation to Alabama…hmmmm.

Drea these are some of the best ive seen you do… wow so beautiful, incredible colors! and what a beautiful couple!!

Melissa h FUN!!! These are great!

Rachel F. Erin – you’re fantabulous!!! All across the board…a couple of those shot actually made me all teary eyed.. (ugh I’m sucha girl!)


roianne Those are awesome! They look really great!

Kimberly Love love love them!!! And man does that girl know how to wear a coat! She looks so stylish!

melissa gorgeous images.

Joey Wow! You are just as talented with big kids as little ones. These are the best, most fun engagement pics I have ever seen. Way to go!

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