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Our family is fairly well settled on our two sweet kiddos, even though I occasionally get a twinge for a third. So we went and did the next best thing. We somehow endeared ourselves well enough to a couple of ambitious friends who are brave enough to have three kiddos, and they asked us to be godparents of their newest addition.


Meet our stand-in baby girl…

she’s a keeper for sure.

My children are obsessed with her and Sarah immediately asked if we could tell everyone we had a new half sister. I told her that might be a bit confusing in the neighborhood so why didn’t we stick with god sister. I can hear the whispers already…ha! 😉

She’s was a perfect angel for her session and gave me lots and lots of snuggles while she was getting settled. I predict much more of that in her future!

This next shot looks SO much like her big brother to me…

Oh you sweet, sweet baby girl. Thank you for being our stand-in third! And thanks to your parents and siblings for letting us share you!

Paula S. What a beautiful baby! The first shot with the pink gauze so beautifully draped across her sweet body is one of my most favorite pictures of yours ever. (And I have been following your work for a long time.) LOVE it!

Shelley Erin, we LOVE these pictures of our girl. You are amazing!!

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