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I managed to work a session into our vacation week which made me a happy camper beach bum. I kind of get the shakes if I go too long between shooting so come Thursday I was ready to get my camera on these two little blondies that pulled into our beach house driveway. And as if their giggles and grins weren’t enough to entice me into my best work the two containers full of homemade oreo truffles their mama passed my way certainly were!

I fell in love with their images immediately. I knew as I was shooting that I was going to love every single shot. And I do. Which puts me in kind of a bind with their oreo truffle-making mama who casually mentioned on our walk back that she simultaneously couldn’t wait to see them and also hoped their wouldn’t be any good ones (well, maybe one). I get it. It’s hard to choose when you want them all.


(sorry but you’re kind of going to love them).

Starting with this one. Nothing  beats big sis loving the life out of her little man.

And then of course there’s the blonde-haired beauty herself being just unabashedly adorable. By the way, I need her dress. Do you think they make that in mama size? Next it was the little guy’s turn to bring it. He might have started off a bit shy…  

But then it seriously got BROUGHT. (poor grammar? who cares…the cuteness demands it.)

Now excuse me while I channel the perfect feeling of having a snuggly, smiley babe on my hip…

Thank you. The moment has passed.  

The cuteness, however, has not. If you don’t hear from me for several days it’s surely because the blonde hair and blue eyes staring back from my Photoshop screen have swallowed me whole.

Send help immediately. Or at the very least, more truffles.

Ro cutie pies!

Liz Cogswell I love them!

Dawn Beyond Stunning…

Chuck Wonderful pix

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