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I’ll go ahead and admit up front that this sneak peek is over the top. But I just need you guys to see this family. They are just absolutely delightful.

When their mama first called a couple of months ago, she specifically mentioned wanting this shot…

I’d say they nailed it.

And when I arrived at their house and she showed me the neighbor’s leaf-covered driveway that she had asked permission to use, I knew she and I really got each other.

I sure love when that happens.

I also love when this happens…

Yes, I’ll admit to being a total sucker for a boy snuggling his mama. And a girl snuggling her Daddy, for that matter…

And when little miss plopped down on the leaves and posed herself like this I thought it just couldn’t get any cuter…

until this face looked up at me.

And then I had to leave. Because my cute-o-meter had officially busted.

(You guys rock.)

Linda Melendez Oh my gosh Erin, I just love the richness of your photos (of course, fall weather too helps a lot I guess!). Someday I hope to have the kind of lens you have. :) But of course, your style and talent are unique! Awesome shoot!

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