occupational hazards

There are a few well-known hazards to this job like baby fever (it’s catching!) and sugar rush (I’m a total addict). Well this morning I discovered a new and not nearly as sweet danger, a souvenir from last night’s session: ticks. Ew. Apparently this super-cool location had more than just awesome shoot spots to offer!

Hanging out with this adorable 7 month old little dude was worth it though…


His brand new teeth made him all about his bottom lip…how cute is this?


And this last shot is actually him in his first outfit…a Bob Marley T for mom and dad. (They told me the other clothes were for the grandparents…the T was for them!) 


…sigh…I love sitting-still, immobile babies…almost as much as I love crazy, fast-running toddlers!

Jennifer What a cutie pie!! I hope he didn’t get any ticks! Just the thought of them makes my skin crawl…

The 6 Degree Amy :) I love the last one! They are all wonderful, but that is my favorite. Oh and can I tell you that I totally hear you on the tick thing…doesn’t that just stink? I had the same thing happen to me about 2 weeks ago! Awesome spot–brought some yucky—can’t even think about them—TICKS! I found them when I got home from the session. I can’t even think about them without shivering!

erin Oh Amy I so hear you on the shivering thing. I totally had to push it out of my mind the rest of the day because if I thought about it I would have a little mini freak out all over again!

Kelley Aww, so cute! I love the Bob Marley.

Drea Your photography is stunning. I am a friend of Jaimes

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