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One day I just woke up and she was four (and three quarters).

And if I didn’t have the umpteen gazillion pictures to prove it, I’d swear she’s always been this way.

My memory may fail me but my images will not.

(I love photography).

Lorena Mora Is Sarah really going to be 5 almost! She is so beautiful and I love that picture. It’s funny just the other day I went to your first post to see the pictures of Sarah as a baby. Then today I go on and you are talking about her almost turning 5. I remember when my Madilyn turned 5 I cried because I knew she would soon be going to Kinder and since I didn’t send her to Pre-School I was very sad. She is now 7 and will be starting the 2nd grade in Sept and I sometimes wonder where time flies. My son is 2 but I know sooner than I know it he will be 5 and going to Kinder. I’m going to go look through their baby pictures now and drink some hot chocolate and be depressed, thanks Erin! Just kidding. Oh loved your vacation pictures such beautiful weather.

Jenny Beck I can’t believe she’s almost 5! She is just adorable and I love following and watching your family grow up! I’m sure the next time I see her, she’ll be so big!

Kelly Ryan Erin, this shot is timeless. What an awesome capture of her at 5. Every mom should have a shot of her child like this.

Kristi Love this picture. It made me a little teary though. I really had not realized how close our girls are to FIVE until now. That sounds horribly old. I’d love to freeze time. “Now” is so precious.

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