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In high school I wanted to be the kind of girl who wasn’t afraid to strike off on my own and, say, head to a foreign country for the summer. Unfortunately I just wan’t that girl. Which makes me have an insane amount of respect for the ones that are.

As I mentioned last week some friends of ours are hosting a French exchange student for the summer.  

 She’s adorable.

 And funny. And fluent in several languages. 

Which in my book makes her pretty much amazing.

In my next incarnation as a high school student I will totally be a girl just like this.

(And in the meantime I’ll just pretend to be multi-lingual, worldly, adorable and funny.)

While she’s busy being the real thing.

 Here’s to a fabulous summer in America!

Lacey She’s beautiful!! What a treat for her family back home in France to be able to “see” her! I’m sure they will love these gorgeous images!

Natalie Makes me miss my french friend. Great pictures Erin! :)

Maggie Robinson Me and Mariane love these pictures! Thanks! They are so beautiful( even though they don’t have me in there!)

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