my baby’s buns

Oh he will surely hate me for this one day. But when he’s 14 there will be a laundry list of other reasons as well so I might as well just go for it. The fact is, you won’t be seeing another session on this blog for several days still so I might as well make it interesting for all of us, right?

Check out his why-in-the-world-am-I-sitting-up-here-NAKED stare. Oh but you’re not naked my love…you’re sporting some pretty cute shoes. =)


I’m usually a color kind of girl but the b/w here just speaks to me so you get both versions…

3 2

scheduling update: I only have one available session left in July and one in August as well so get in touch soon if you need a summer spot!

marian so so cute. weren’t you worried he would topple back and hit his head? Maybe it’s my petite daughter that puts the fear of God in me, or maybe b/c last night Eric and I were in the bathroom talking while Meg was sitting in the tub, and she fell backwards and her face was underwater – it still give me goosebumps. Aren’t you glad I left this comment?

erin Oh Marian! How scary about little Meg. I’m a super paranoid mom too! I actually wasn’t worried about these shots though because Brent was standing less than once inch outside the frame ready to catch a falling baby. And see how he has his shoes on the first shot but not in the second? Well the second shot was actually taken first but we had to put shoes on him because his sweaty feet kept making the dresser all slippery!

Drea darling! :-)

sharon oooo… I’m going to miss the day that Zoey doesn’t have those little “bratwurst” legs anymore – and I think Ephraim’s are adorable!

Kristin Conk can i ask what your settings were on these??

Erin S Surely he won’t be THAT mad at you when he gets older. Gotta love a cute pair of baby buns!

erin Kristin, I used my external flash for these (Ephraim’s room is as dark pit!) and the settings were: iso200, f/2.8, ss1/125.

Kristin Conk Did you bounce your flash off the celing or the wall?? Thanks for answering!!

erin I bounced it off the very top of the wall behind me. Make sense?

jaime These are adorable….I love his legs

Melissa I LOVE the last picture! How adorable!!!

jennie totally random question but can i ask what color of paint that is? we’re re-doing our entire house right now and that color looks like the perfect neutral for the family room! :-) thanks!

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