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I had a little out of town guest Sunday morning who met me at a local Huntsville park for an early morning session. She and her mama rolled out of bed before 6 on a Saturday to be here in time. You certainly wouldn’t have known that by their fresh, smiling faces!

In typical three year old fashion, she was ready to get started as soon as I got there. This was the very first shot of the day.


Yep, it was going to be a great morning!

(And apologies one more time to her mama for my not so helpful direction right after this shot: “can you go away?”. Sheesh. I really need to work on my grown up people skills while shooting! Luckily she’s super sweet and understands my process so it was all good! I promise to add a “please” in next time.)

We traipsed all over the park together and had a ball. I definitely was not the only one having fun…



Per her mama’s request I was sure to grab a few close-ups. This is one of my faves.


Doesn’t she have the best hair? It’s so straight and smooth. Gorgeousness! I’m sure it was helped along by that cut she gave herself a few days ago. 😉


My umbrella made a return for this session. It was a hit for sure.


As we neared the end of our time together she looked longingly over at the little canal and said, “my feet are sooo hot.” Of course, having a three year old of my own at home, I knew that was total code for “if you don’t let me splash my feet in the water right now I am so totally done with you.”

So what choice did I have? =)


Three year olds. Fun stuff.

Kelly I LOVE all of these – what a fun session! I think my fav is the splashing her feet. So much fun!!!

Daphne Love the pictures! You really captured her. My favorite is the one with the tricycle. That is so Kate! Impressive as always, friend!

shannon these are fantastic. so adorable and i love the colors!

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