more, as promised…

I have to start off with this one. Because I can think of few things more heart-warming than the wild abandon of a toddler’s giggle…


Betcha didn’t know I was that funny, huh? I’m hilarious. If you’re two.

I love Daddy and baby shots. Check out that one-handed perch. Daddies have skills!


My neighbors claim they learned the toddler swing from us but I just don’t believe it. They look like old pros to me! If you’re coming for a toddler/family session be sure to bring your best swing-action because it’s an Erin Cobb Photography staple shot.:)


And let’s not forget the little man. His twinkly blue eyes make my heart go pitter-patter!


Thanks for braving the heat with me you guys!

jeramy erin, that first picture is so good…i can hear her laugh. excellent!

Jen Lane Your work is just beautiful. So light and fresh!
I swear you can just hear that giggle in the first one! Perfect.
And the family image-looks right out of a magazine! I’d have to have that HUGE if it were my family!

erin Thank you Jeramy and Jen!

Kristina Provinsal Absolutely the cutest! I love her toddler laugh/ smile! Great captures for the family to enjoy for years.

6 degree Amy :) Great shots! Love the swing one. The first one–I laugh with her. The last one…melt my heart. :)

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