mondo Cali post (and an announcement!)

We’re back from our week out west and predictably I have about 3000 photos to sift through. I’m pretty sure I have some sort of disease because even though we’d gotten up at 5 in the morning, flew for 7 1/2 hours with two kids and arrived home dazed and exhausted I still couldn’t keep from proofing a few shots. I let myself do one from each session before I called it a night. I fell into bed just before midnight and my body sang the praises of my own sheets/mattress/pillow all night long. There’s just nothing like the feel of your own bed after a week away, right?

Enough chattering, let me just show you what you came here for already…the pictures!

(but if you’re local be sure to read the little announcement at the bottom of this post before you go on your merry little way!)

Five months old and SO spectacular…I just love how her smile drips with personality…


Toddler boys are quickly becoming my favorite subjects. They’re just cute and spunky and so, so fast! I like fast…it gives me an on-the-job workout! 


My sweet niece…she’s such a doll. I kept wondering why she would squat every time I tried to grab a shot and then I realized…that’s what *I* was doing! Can’t get anything past two year olds.


Ready for a subject change…how about a teenager? Yup, you don’t see many of those around these parts.:)


And finally, a sweet little munchkin with the absolute best hair. Oh man, the girls will be flocking to this little dude in a few years. Check out the drool!


Each of these little cuties will have their own post this week but I figured I’d start with one big sneak peek since I know the parents are anxious! So that makes five posts plus I’ll throw in a couple more to make a weeklong Blog-A-Thon leading up to…

the BIG announcement about holiday mini-sessions! I figured if Hobby Lobby can start preparing for Christmas in July I can too right?! So alert the presses and tell all your friends…all the info will be posted here one week from today…Monday, August 4th. Spaces will be limited and judging from the inquiries that are already coming in I expect them to fill pretty quickly. Don’t miss it!

Samantha When did Charlotte turn into such a big girl?!?! She is beautiful.

PS, we just had company and they commented on how lopsided our house is in terms of pictures of Caroline vs. William. I think you need to come here RIGHT NOW and photograph him or everyone will think I don’t love him.

Jennifer I see your future daughter-in-law got top billing! :)

jeramy hey erin….cute shots. i hope your ca trip was good….maybe we can hook up next time.

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