Minisessions, round two.

I’m back to post the last round of minisession sneak peeks before galleries go live tomorrow. I’m so excited for all my pretty clients to see their pretty pics!

Let’s see…where shall we start today?

I believe the first time I photographed these kiddos 3+ years ago they were on a porch swing, so I guess this one is fitting!

And this was my first time to get my camera on these guys, who were a little nervous about how their two year old would do. Turns out she was a HAM! She also shunned the traditional picture-taking phrase “cheese”, and opted instead for “cockroach!”. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a session!

I saw these twin friends earlier in the year and was thrilled to meet up with them again, this time at the Cottage.

And in a sea full of families with (mainly) young kiddos, this beautiful teen was a breath of fresh air!

I sing the praises of this next kind and gracious family everywhere I go. The way they love each other makes me smile every time I’m around them. Last Saturday was no exception…

And while those guys are on one end of the older brother/younger sister journey, these guys are on the other end…and sending their oldest out into the world next year!

And speaking of big sisters and little brothers, here’s another of my favorite sets!

Last year I photographed this next little man on his own…but this year he brought a new face!

After 12 sessions in the morning I still had 11 to go in the afternoon. But this family was first and I had been looking forward to seeing them all day so my creative juices started flowing once again!

The last time I saw this precious girl she had just turned a year and was barely walking. Now, at two, she was literally tearing all over the Cottage. I broke a sweat just trying to keep up!

Thankfully these guys took it easy on me and stayed (mostly) in one place…

Finally, here’s a shot of a little friend who was playing make-up from the Grandparent minisession he missed this past Spring. But we had just as much fun in October as we would have in April…maybe even more!

Man I love minisession days! We have one more coming up on November 10th (sorry…it’s sold out) so keep your eyes peeled for even more fun then!

Randal, as usual!

Jeri Browder I saw three families that I know. Yeah! Great job, Erin!

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