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I’ve been editing my little fingers to the bone this week and happily reliving our gorgeous day of minisessions last Saturday. As much work as these days can be, they are SO worth the extra effort. Seeing so many familiar, smiling faces and meeting new friends too is one of the greatest joys of the year for me.

In no particular order, here are a few of the families I saw last Saturday. (The rest will be up tomorrow!)

These guys have been in front of my camera since little sister was a teeny tiny babe…

And this was my first time meeting this red-headed cutie but her sweet aunt has been singing her praises to me for a couple of years now. I finally got to see why…

This family was my last session of the day and I sure was glad because that meant we got to hang out for a bit longer. I was happy about that for two reasons: 1. They were awesome 2. We needed the extra time after baby sister created a bit of a, um, scene in her big sister’s hair. No further detail needed. =)

This friend of mine has always been one of my favorite smiling faces. Those beautiful brown eyes are so fun to capture!

And these sisters were new to my camera but they sure knew how to rock it!

I can count on these guys each year for a minisession. And I can count on them to be styling while they’re at it. Mama even braved our hidden lane in a pair of stilettos!

And speaking of brave, that’s what you have to be to get two little ones dressed in their Sunday best and loaded up for a session that starts before 9 a.m.! But these guys are all-stars and they make it look easy…

And as long as we’re on the subject of all-stars…here’s another set. I’ve had my camera on this precious child ever since she was six months old. And she just keeps getting cuter!

See you tomorrow for Round Two!

Elizabeth Cisneros Some day, some day we will be back in the South when you have your fall minisessions. Dying for another photoshoot! These are all gorgeous. I adore the fall colors and the hidden lane.

Christi Yay! Love our little Lou! And sweet Graham, too :)

Jessica GORGEOUS!!!!! Your work is amazing!

Meg Can’t wait to see them! Love the family pic

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