lovey girl, part II | huntsville child photographer

Meet Bunny Bear.


Bunny Bear has an even cuter best friend.

(warning: painfully adorable picture below)


Bunny Bear is well loved and made his way into many a shot last week.


But I didn’t mind. He was actually¬†a handy little assistant.¬†


When Bunny Bear was not in her arms he was resting ridiculously on the top of my head to help me get shots like this…


He also watched from the sidelines as our little friend went to town on her antique radio flyer…


(and yes, I’m very jealous that this belongs to her and not me.)


But she’s too precious for me to let the jealousy come between us.


And one more for good measure. A classic Southern look…


…with Bunny Bear!

Gotta love a lovey!

Mandy Yay! Me likey! Amelia saw the first one & screemed “BUNNY BEAR!!!” I think that one may have to be in her bedroom for sure!

tina r These are too cute! Love both looks…and bunny bear!

Amy That’s Amelia!?! How did she get that old? I guess we need to visit Huntsville again soon cause I remember her as just a baby! Mandy has great style. . . he outfits are adorable. And I may just have to get a copy of that first picture from you. . . in b&w, you can’t tell that it’s not blue, and Hayden loves his Bubby, too!

Amy Oh, and I meant to say that the photos are gorgeous, as usual! I especially love all that green–please send some to Montana!

Kim These are adorable. My 4 year old daughter has the same bear….we call her Baby Bunny…..she’s had her since she was 3 months old.

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