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Last year when I was in L.A. I was able to meet up with a bunch of blog readers/friends at the home of my sweet friend Marilee. There I met Debbie, who has been a regular blog commenter and emailer for a few years now. She was just as delightful as I always imagined she would be. She struck me as the kind of person that people just want to be around – cheerful, kind, smiley and warm. Last weekend it was pure joy for me to venture to the top of a California canyon to meet and photograph Debbie’s sweet family – who are every bit as cheerful, kind, smiley and warm as she is. Good people breed good people, right?

I mean, seriously, wouldn’t you just love to be in this family???

This sweet child could barely wipe the smile off of her face…

But when she did, man, that was stunning too!

It was so fun to watch her dynamic with her little brother because it reminded me so much of my own two. Sweet and protective, mixed with a healthy dose of sassy big sisterhood…

And this little dude just stole my heart. He tried to feign shyness but I cracked him wide open like the silly little nut that I’m pretty sure he really is. 😉

What a cool family…

Kiddos…you’ve got it good.

Debbie So I first saw this post while sitting in my car, pulled over in front of a stranger’s house after delivering Girl Scout cookies, checking to see if you posted a sneak peek. Yes, I have been stalking your blog this week, just as I am sure all your other clients do, because how can we not, knowing you are brilliant, and knowing you have something beautiful in store especially for us? (And yes, I certainly do use a lot of commas…) Erin, I immediately started crying. My heart just melted, especially over those family shots. There we are, all together, and I LOVE them as I know for certain you can understand. I am beyond grateful. Thank you Erin, so very much…

amy emery please come to portland, oregon. :)
these are beautiful. alive. joyous.

Missy Aiello These pictures are fantastic and I am so happy for Debbie!
Debbie became a great friend of mine after taking our family photos and I know how much she thinks of you as a photographer!
I know she will treasure these always. And you are right, the Lee family is amazing… Debbie is a pure treasure and lights up a room when she enters it. You have captured their spirit perfectly!

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