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I first met this sweet and spunky little thing in the spring when I did portraits at her preschool. That was definitely a step outside the box for me but I had SO much fun meeting all of the children. I swear I can’t walk into Chick-Fil-A now without recognizing one of the little friends I photographed there. In fact, I saw three there today…I’m a little CFA obsessed! An added bonus of taking on that preschool job has been getting to see some of those children again at their own full sessions. I loved seeing this cutie last Saturday and meeting her big brothers too!

Of course, with that sweet little dress on we had to start with something that captured her precious side…

huntsville newborn photographer 1

But then the precocious side creeped right out! (and that’s usually my favorite side!)

huntsville family photographer

Oh look…here it is again!

huntsville baby photographer

Her personality packs a punch, let me tell you. When she went to hang out with her big brothers (who called me ma’am more times than I care to admit) it was pretty clear that who was the boss!

huntsville child photographer

Growing up I always wanted to have a big brother. And sometimes now my three year old daughter will put on her best pout and whine, “I don’t want a little brother, I want a BIG brother.” Unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards for either of us. But my little friend lucked out with TWO. And I think they’re pretty fond of her.

huntsville newborn photographer

Now that’s what I call a lucky girl.

kelly SO ADORABLE!!!! i just love the personality you catch. great job. and i’m with you on the Chick-fil-A thing… can’t get enough of that place. :)

Tracy What a doll! What is it with Chick Fil A? That place is addicting…we love it. Here is a link to a song about CFA…too funny!

Jennifer Do you only photograph gorgeous children or do you just make them all look that way??? 😉

Ms. Janice Oh my, these photos are absolutely the best! You captured every inch of Riley Jane’s personality! I’m very impressed at the photos of her and her awesome brothers!!

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