little miss sunshine

Since her brother was “sunshine on a cloudy day” this title was only fitting, right?

I have two disclaimers for this post, both related to my switching to a new machine this weekend. 1) I have lots more images of this cutie coming – outside! Unfortunately our new computer was inadvertantly ordered without a card reader (oops!) so until that arrives they’re stuck on my card!   2) This new monitor has not yet been properly calibrated so if the color is slightly off I blame it on that!

Here we go…


These pictures were taken in her adorable little room. The fact that we had barely any light and only about 8 feet to work with made it a fun challenge!


When I asked for a few snacks to keep her engaged with me her mama brought in a bag of dried cherries. I think she ate at least 30 of them! Glad I wasn’t the one to clean up those diapers. 😉 Her mama is probably still cursing me.  


After all the fun in her bedroom we headed to the living room to grab some shots in the dramatic light that poured in from their large front window. Lucky for me, chairs are one of her favorite things. She loved climbing in and out of the antique red chair passed down from her great grandmother.  That gave me plenty of opportunities to catch this…


More to come from the outdoor portion of our session…once the card reader is installed!

Veronica Reeve Erin I love your photography. The bright vibrant colors, the candid shots, the catch lights, the lighting, all so perfect! You are very talented!! Coming to your site makes me smile every time.

Suzy Bostick OMG Erin!! I absolutely love these pictures!! I cant stop smiling :0) I know that you must get tired of hearing this but…. You are Awesome!! Thank you so much!!

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