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I have been so excited about this next little project. When I was making my tour of homes collecting wall gallery displays for my up and coming client design guide the mama of this young man asked about booking a special session for him. She had a vision of capturing a classic portrait of her oldest child at five years old and following up with her younger children once they hit the milestone. I was beyond tickled when I showed up and saw what he was wearing. He is an absolute heart-breaker to begin with but when you add in the blazer and colorful shorts…*swoon*.

I wish I had a voice recorder when the two of us were hanging out. I always tell my littlest clients not to smile either because I really want them to smile and I know telling them not to will ensure that they do it OR because I want to get a more serious expression out of them. Whatever my intentions were, he was having none of it. He kept saying, “but I want to smile…I want to make a really pretty picture for my mommy and my mommy likes it when I smile.” I’m telling you, this kid is something special.

For that matter, so are his little brothers. I’m not sure they’ll be quite as ecstatic about wearing a blazer when their time comes (their big bro was ALL ABOUT IT) but I have no doubt their portraits will be every bit as beautiful. We had to get a little practice round in while I was there…

And once again, I could share every single shot from their session…but I won’t. Sorry mom!

Jennifer Wow – handsome AND thoughtful??? What a lucky mom!!!

Andrea I am counting the days until I get to see them all! Thank you so much, Erin!! I absolutely love them.

Amy What a great idea–executed fabulously by you, of course! Love these photos. . . the light, the backdrop, the outfit, the expressions! Perfection!

Tracy Perfect as usual! I always love everything you do. Just decided that I need to do something special like this with mu 5 year old little guy.m

LizN Is it wrong to ask where she got those fabulous curtains? I love her little guys – too, too, handsome – already heartbreakers!

admin Liz, I’ll ask but I have a feeling they’re custom.

Laura Just gorgeous! I love the first two images and how the curtains compliment his outfit. Awesome!

Carrie Coleman You captured my godbrothers beautifully! I adore these photos.

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