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My family of origin has divided and multiplied over the years, gifting me with four new siblings – a stepbrother and stepsister on each side. Growing up I had one sister and I never thought I’d end up being a sibling to five people. Kinda crazy, huh? Because the division/multiplication happened when I was an adult we never had to deal with any weird stepsibling issues so it’s truly been a joyful experience all the way around. A couple of weeks ago my kiddos and I loaded up and drove 5+ hours to see my youngest stepbrother on the day of his graduation from high school.

Oh yeah, and I made him pose for me. 😉


He was none too thrilled with the idea but went along willingly. I thought it might be a deal breaker though when we stepped out of the house and I headed toward his car. “Wait, I’m driving???”, he stammered. Me thinks he didn’t want any of his local girls to see him cruising around town with a mystery babe. Or he’s embarassed by me.

Nah. Can’t be that.

I made him take me to their local arts center which I fell in love with on the way into town. I’m thinking of asking if they’ll relocate to H’ville.



He has a few really good looks. The following is his “are we done yet?” look…


Which is only rivaled by his Zoolander look.


Thanks for putting up with me Jay…you’re a heck of a little bro to have. =)


shay2oo2 WHOA erin maybe you shoudl be bookgin alot of high school seniors girl! and what a great big sis you are!

Lacey What a good-looking little bro and a wonderful gift for Mom & Dad!

french mom Is all your family look like MODELS!!!??? It’s crazy lol!

Meghan gotta love our little bro… wow…that just sounded weird coming out of my mouth. He is such a cutie, I miss him! glad he wasnt too cool for ya, “m’am”…lol

tara pollard pakosta wow–he is truly beautifuL!!!!!!

Martha Erin, my daughter is wondering if he has a girlfriend? I did explain he lives out East so she’s out of luck!

Great pictures. Your colors are always so vibrant!

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