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I’ve decided this is my year to be social.

I realize my friends and family are all reading this aghast saying, “What in the world is she talking about?! The girl doesn’t shut up as it is!”

So I guess I should clarify. I’ve decided this is my year to be socially networked. Last year I did the Facebook thing and I have to say, I like it. I could live without Mafia Wars and Bejeweled and Farmville and being poked, but all in all, I like it. If you haven’t become a fan of Erin Cobb Photography on Facebook go ahead and do it. You know you want to. 😉 And if you want to friend little ol’ me, do that too. Just drop me a note to let me know who you are if, you know, I don’t know you.

So this year I’m delving into the confusing, complex, intimidating world of Twitter. I’m a Tweeter. Or whatever. On New Year’s Day my mom stated that, “I have a tweeter but I don’t know how to use it.” I made her promise to never say that again. Outloud. Or even just in her head.

(uncomfortable pause…)

So. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter you can find me @ThePigbear. From now until Friday I’ll be donating $1 to the American Red Cross (for Haiti relief) for every new follower I have. Now if that doesn’t convince you to get a tweeter I don’t know what will.

(second uncomfortable pause…)

Moving on.

The third leg of my journey toward sociability this year is to finally come clean to all of you business blog readers about something.

So, here it is: I have another blog.

I’ve never really come out and shared about it here because I was somewhat uncomfortable about mixing my personal life with my business. But then I sat back and realized I was giving myself far too much credit. I mean, my “personal life” involves dirty diapers, meal prep, an emergency room visit now and then and maybe a date night if I’m lucky. It’s hardly fodder for TMZ. Plus, the majority of my clients have already come head to head with my “personal life” in the form of my squirrely four year old who insists on not going to bed on ordering consultation nights until she can pad out in footie jammies and say hi. I have nothing left to hide. I’m officially an open book. And as such I’d like to formally invite you – my clients, readers, stalkers (ha!), friends – to come say hi over on ThePigbear. Truth be told it’s updated much more frequently and has quadruple the readership. I can’t promise the kids over there will be any cuter though because, well, they’re mine. And the ones over here are yours. (If you’re a client that is.) So you’ll probably still want to hang out here for the cutest kids on the block. =)

I started ThePigbear in early 2006 when this little one was just three months old. It’s been a fun and funny ride. I’d be honored if you’d join us.

(image courtesy of Amy Shertzer Photography)

In the meantime, let’s be social! Post a comment, follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, check out ThePigbear. Just say hi!

And I promise, I will too.

Rebecca Sent you a friend request on fb! I’ve been a fan for a while though. :)

Daisy Reyes I’ve been reading The Pig Bear since you wrote a little letter to Sarah before you went in to have B’Roo and I was in tears. I was hooked. Both of my children are just younger than your two and it’s fun to see and read what you’re going through . . . I experience it later and sometimes come back to your Ten on Tuesdays or advice columns! Love your writing and love, love, love your photography. Thanks for sharing and you can watch for a invite on Facebook.

becca I would so start following you on twitter~if I tweeted, maybe someday :)
Been reading you for a couple of years now over at The Pigbear. You are truly, truly one of my most fav photographers and a keep it real and funny writer!!

Off to send a fb friend request!

Ella Walker hi, erin! i admit … i am one of your blog stalkers. i went over to your ThePigBear blog (didn’t know until now that it existed) and i love it. love your writing, love your photos (do you edit them … or your exposure is always right on?? if you do edit them, i don’t know how you find the time)! i haven’t read everything in it (it’s already past midnight), but i will when i have more time. you are an inspiration as i know a lot of your “stalkers” have already said it. keep up the great work!

admin Hi girls! Thanks so much for reading. Daisy, that’s still one of my all time favorite posts. I’ve been thinking I need to do a little “best of” link in the sidebar…that would definitely belong there. Thanks for saying hi everyone!

Lorena Mora Ha I’ve been a fan since the twopeasinabucket.com days. So I’ve known of your The Pig Bear blog and your business blog. The fact that Sarah is always camera ready amazes me, my Mady (almost 7 years old) will purposely make the silliest face so I leave her alone. My Tristan (almost 2 years old) will say cheese as soon as he sees me pull out my camera or my iphone camera. Love your blogs, will have to become a facebook member to check out yours. Love how your kids are so great, mine are always giving me a run for my money and by the end of the day I just want to hide from them, LOL.

Cathy I think getting networked is a great idea. I am one of your site stalkers. You are friends with my friends…Katie, jj & Megan so that’s how I found you. Your photography inspires me so thanks. And I hear you may be making a trip out to LA. I’m hoping I will be one of the people who gets a session with you. Me, my husband & my 1,2 & 3 year old sons.

LizN I think I already have a tweeter and it’s not following you around… (uncomfortable pause). But I’d follow you anywhere :)

admin Lorena, my kids – great? HA! It’s called bribery. =)

Cathy I would love if we were able to meet sometime…and the photo session would be a total bonus!

Liz, what to say? Other than I love you!

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