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Last week I started making the rounds to various client homes to photograph their gorgeous wall displays. I have plans to put together a wall display guide for my 2010 clients and I knew I had some pretty, pretty examples at my disposal. It’s been SO fun seeing how everyone is using their portraits in their homes. It really gets my creative juices flowing to see the finished products!

Last Friday I met with a client who is near and dear to my heart. After we photographed her gorgeous wall of canvases upstairs we headed downstairs and she said, “you should really take a picture of the prints we got.” Sounded great to me so I followed her.

And she led me to this…

huntsville baby photographer

And that, my friends, is how so many portrait prints sadly end up! (if you listen closely you can hear the sound of my little ol’ photographer’s heart breaking)

Here’s the thing, I LOVE CANVAS. I try really hard not to push it on my clients because it’s definitely a larger investment and I appreciate the sacrifice even just a photo session can be in this economy. But they are so lovely and, even better than their gorgeousness, they’re instant. Gallery-wrapped canvases can literally be taken homeĀ and hung directly on your wall. Which is why most of the clients who have gotten in touch and opened their wall galleries to the prying lens of my camera over the last two weeks have been canvas owners. Don’t worry, I still love my print-purchasing clients just as much…I just love them a little less when their prints are propped in a corner. (KIDDING!)

Okay, after all of that I realize I can’t leave this post without a picture of the beauty of a canvas wall I was there to photograph:

huntsville newborn photographer

If you’re a client who has a display up that you’d like to share with me I’d love to see it! EmailĀ or call me before the end of 2009 and I’ll come over, grab a few shots, and gift you with an 8×10 from your last session! =)

Amy What a great display! I agree- canvas is the way to go! By the way, what sizes are the ones displayed above? I think it helps to have a size reference!

admin Hi Amy! If I remember correctly this display contains two 11×14 gallery wraps and the middle one is a 16×20…I think.

nicki I have to say, my favorite thing I have from our session is my canvas that I won!!! I didn’t think I would love the canvas, but I do. Not that I don’t love my prints, I do, and they are all displayed, but I already have plans for a canvas for next year’s session!

Amanda Love this display! I love canvases, too, but sadly do not own any! I do have a large framed picture hanging over our couch that you are welcome to take a picture of. It’s a framed image of our family that you took last year (think it’s a 20×24 or close) flanked by sconces, so not necessarily a display. :)

Melissa Hunnicutt I’d love to see some wall galleries. I’ve been looking for the perfect one. Do you plan on sharing some here? Thanks! =)

Tracy Hi Erin,
I would also LUVVVV to see some wall galleries. Hope you share.

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