just one.

There may be more to come but I wanted to get a quick shot up of one of my favorite little ladies. She’s the daintiest little almost-crawler you’ve ever seen…so precious and pink and perfect!


Isn’t she a beauty? She comes from good stock. 😉

Amy Wow!!! Erin!!! THAT is my little girl. Yup, that is HER. You captured her. But I’m not surprised. You are amazing – and I’m often sitting in a puddle following your blogs these days! Thank you for this picture – and thank you for your inspiration. And thank you for your friendship.

Bianca She is adorable…and what beautiful eyes she has!

Kelley She’s a doll!


donna reed you did justice to my BEAUTIFUL grandaughter! she is soooo photogenic, just like her mom and dad!

donna reed

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