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I was all settled to take on just three sessions in California until my sister intervened. She pleaded the case of this sweet family and I added them in on an additional day. Truth be told, it didn’t actually take any arm twisting. All my sister had to say was ,”you’ll love them” and they were in.

And was she ever right.

Seriously, where do all of these sweet people come from? And how in the world did I get lucky enough to photograph them all?

I think I’ve mentioned this before but one of the cool things about traveling for sessions is that the clients I meet tend to be a bit different from the ones I work with here in Huntsville. Locally most of my clients are referred by their friends who have worked with me previously (love that! thanks guys!) or find me on the web or through businesses we partner with. And that’s really, really cool. But when I travel the country I tend to work with people who know my work or my blog and have followed me for at least a little while. That’s a different kind of cool. Those clients tend to trust me implicitly from the  beginning and don’t hesitate when I suggest something that might seem a bit odd.

Like a woodpile.

Man, I love a good woodpile. And so does my new friend.   Incidentally, he also really, really loves garbage cans…which at my aunt’s property sit right next to the woodpile. Once he found those bad boys the session was pretty much over. His call, not mine.

But it’s all good because by that point we had already captured this…


and this…

and this…


We had also successfully woken up my 2o-something cousin Noah when I chirped, barked, and hollered incessantly outside his open bedroom window to get this next shot.

Oops. Sorry Noah. But your interrupted sleep was totally worth it to photograph that face.

And so was my interrupted vacation. I love it when my sister’s right.

noreen ryan such beautiful photos! and a great family, too :)

Virginia Walker Loved, loved, loved these pictures. Of course being Grandma perhaps I am a little bias. Excellent photography; really caught Ethan’s personality and Mom and Dad, too. Thank you so much.

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