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Last week I was out in Oregon mentoring the fabulous Karen Russell when I got a call from a proud, proud grandfather asking if I would be available to photograph his newest grandchild. I  always make room in my schedule for newborns (they’re only little once, right?) so the answer was a resounding: YES. It took a bit of juggling but we made it happen as soon as I arrived back in Alabama. 

And I’m so glad it worked out. Nothing makes my heart pitter patter like snuggling one of these… (He was my first baby ever to pose like that…and he kind of did it on his own! He’s an amazing little peanut!) 

His older cousin rocked her knit hat four months ago so of course we had to pull one out for him too. I love gifting my clients with these little hats. I always hope that one day they’ll look back at their photographs and then hold that tiny hat in utter amazement that once upon a time their child was that small.

And another most requested item – the chunky blue knit baby holder. Well, that’s what it is now. It started it’s life as a neck warmer. Occasionally I still want to wear it but I wonder if people around Huntsville will look at me funny if they remember seeing a baby cozied up in it on this blog…or Facebook! 

And I have to end with this shot that seriously just makes me laugh out loud. Not only because this wide-eyed little guy is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS but because I happen to know what he was doing when this shot was taken. Let’s just say daddy was relieved when it was all over. And the little guy? Well, he was literally relieved. Make that doubly relieved.

 Dad, you were a great sport!

Shauna Thompson That is just too cute! I love those big eyes.

Lorena Mora It’s a good thing dad’s hands are cupped under him, LOL. What a sweet baby though and those eyes, oh my, love them.

Dorothy Erin watching you was amazing! You have such a gift! These photos are breath taking. My goosebumps from the actual shoot now have goosebumps!!! I hope you never stop spreading the joy of your photos with lucky folks like us :)

Erin McFarland Oh my goodness! Erin, your posts always make me laugh! I love that last shot and the fact that your neck warmer has become a baby wrap… super cute and creative :) And i am totally impressed with that first shot… i’ve only had a handful of newborns myself that cooperated for that pose! Not an easy one folks!!

Proud Grandfather Erin, You were so sweet to respond to my request, as quickly as you did. After viewing the pictures of grandchild #3 that you took in December, we knew we had to have you for grandchild #5. Your talent speaks for itself. What I couldn’t get over was the time you spent, how tender you were while posing Max and how you constantly talked with the proud parents, letting them know what you were doing. You truly have a talent and I am proud to know you.

Kelly and Jason Willis Erin, these pictures have far exceeded any expectations that we had. We cannot wait to see the rest of them. You have done a fantastic job and we were very impressed with how you gently handled Max during the shoot. Thank you very much!

chesley love them! just beautiful as always!

robin my uterus totally aches. how i long for another!

beautiful photos of this lovely little one!

P.C. Wow! My favorite ones yet!

Jennifer TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!! :)

Amy These are perfect! Love them all, but that last one is really priceless!

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