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I have a confession – I’ve been hiding something from you. 😉

Okay, nothing bad…actually something REALLY good. This spring I worked alongside my friends at Stellar Media to create a promotional video showcasing a bit of what I do. For families who have never ventured into the fabulous world of custom photography before I know it can be difficult to visualize exactly how the whole process works. And I also realize that those who are in the market for beautiful portraits are specifically in the market for a photographer to create those timeless images. Inviting someone into your home and family to capture the beautiful details of your life is no small thing. I count it an honor and a blessing to do the work that I do.

Because I want my future clients to know me before I even walk in your door, I created this video.

So here I am. It’s nice to meet you. =)



Tori Great video!! You sold me….I will be contacting you about scheduling a fall sessioon!!


Lacey Great video! Way to go!

MELISSA HUNNICUTT Fabulous!! E&M did a great job!

nicki how adorable are you? :-)
Loved it…great job!

Debbie I’m so impressed Erin. By you, by the quality of the video and the way it tells the story of what you do. Beautifully done.

Tina R Awesome! I remember you mentioning this months ago, and I’m so excited to see how it came together for you! I hope it brings even more people to your fabulous work!

Daphne Love the video!!! I think it totally captures what you are about!!

Marla What a great video, Erin!! LOVE it. :)

Ellen Patton Great video. I wish I had a kid for you to photograph. :)

Kelli Carnahan I love it! Very well done. Keeps your beautiful pictures coming!

kelly how CUTE is that video!!! you did a great job – whoever sees that will book you for sure. LOVED IT.

Lorena Mora Love your video. You are so real and that’s what it’s all about and it just shows how you love your work. When are you coming to California? Anywhere in California so I can book a session I have 2 kidos daughter is 6 and son 15 months old.

Marci How cool is that? Makes me want to fly my whole family to you so you can take our pics!

admin Thank you all so much for the incredibly supportive comments! This has been a fun project to work on and it makes me so happy that so many of you have watched and enjoyed. =)

Daniel Mendez NICE!!!! Great job on the production…. and next time… don’t hold secrets from us ;-P

Eva First off… love the video… thanks for posting it. Second, I have a question. I noticed that the locations you were shooting at looked dark on video but when you showed your shot they looked bright and great. Can you tell me why? Was the location that bright that the video camera just made it look dark or is it the settings on your camera along with good photo editing?

becca Erin,
I LOVE your video!! I so wish I could have you photograph my kiddos and family, I love your style and truly think you have a gift!!

Joey I love the video…it really shows who you are…young, fresh, energetic, & passionate about your work. I know families who have never met you will really enjoy getting to know you in this way before the photo shoot…Nice Job!!

Stacey R Perfectly fabulous! Way to go!

Rachael Nice to meet YOU as well! What a wonderful collection of images and personal touch of character. I can tell by your video that you have a very unique “care” for your work and the clients you serve. Amazing! I hope we have an opportunity to work with you in the future. Your wit, creativity and style all make for a wonderful and talented woman/mom/professional!

Heather The video is great Erin!!!! I love it.

Anna Jones Erin, that is awesome! You are completely adorable, and your photography is phenomonal! Everyone in your area should book you, because you do indeed capture the essence of your little clients, and you’re totally affordable – why in the world would you not book???!!! Big congrats on the video – it’s amazing!

Angela Crutcher Girl! This is awesome! Fabulous promo video! I loved seeing my babies in it! They’re famous now! lol! :)

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