his crazy essence.

The absolute, hands-down, best compliment I ever receive from clients is when they look at an image and stutter, "It’s just so…her!" (or him). A large part of finding the photographer who is right for your family is finding the person that can bring out your child’s inner light and capture it. I love the feeling of knowing I’ve done that for a family. Most of the time with little ones I find it pretty easy.

My own children are an entirely different story.

My daughter Sarah got over me and my antics around 10 months. My son Ephraim just turned a year and he’s quickly tired of the barking, the shushing, the uh-ohs, and the "I’m gonna get you"s that used to ellicit his giggles and grins. He’s over my camera. The bad news for him is that my camera’s not over him. That will take years. Decades. Maybe never.

On Sunday afternoon with his sister safely at Grama’s house we headed downtown to see what we could get in the way of a one-year shoot with the little man. December is bound to be slow around this blog so I’ll be sure to share more on another day but here are a few that totally struck me as so him. He had two expressions on this day: chillingly stoic (thanks to the weather) and WILD. Now pretend these images come with the sound of a squealing, screeching baby and you’ll understand the crazy essence of my youngest.

We quickly went from this…



To this…


Yep, that’s more like it.


I think he gets his expressions from his crazy mama.


Happy T’giving y’all!

French mom He is so cute, like always… Love the pics; the great colors! I want to have your talent!!!!! I’ll be so happy to have pics like this to my child!

Thank you for sharing!

Gina So much fun, gotta love those crazy kids!

take a bow Jenn He’s adorable! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now (ok…lurking) and your pictures are stunning! He is so sooo sweet (love his cheese shirt by the way!)


Sarah Oh my gosh, Erin! These are just stunning photos of your little man! Absolutely love them!! Btw, are these also with the 135?? I must get this lens!! =)

Amanda He’s so cute, Erin! I love these! I love shirt, is it mini Boden? :)

erin Thanks you guys! Sarah, these are actually with my 85mm/1.8. The 135 is awesome but I’ve found that with babies I tend to lose their attention a bit because I have to be so far away from them. I really, really want the 85L but this one works for now!

erin Oops, somehow I missed your question Amanda. Yes, it is miniBoden…compliments of my awesome friend Christi who keeps E in some pretty swank hand-me-downs!

megan (the babysitter) HAHAHA, was scrolling down slowly through these shots and the serious ones were so cute, and then i rolled on the floor laughing because the next picture is SO e !! THAT is the crazy fun baby i know from the nursery. Oh and lawson and ephraim should be in a magazine together with their downtown photo shoots haha

Jennifer Those are AWESOME!!!

Susie Looking for the complaint dept….
What happened to the pics from Monticello?? I look on here from time to time, and can’t find my gf’s talking about their new IUD…


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