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Baby Ben is something special. If you don’t already know his story read all about him here (yep, that’s the old blog) and here and here. I don’t know what to say about him that hasn’t already been said. Except that he has my heart. And he’s not a baby anymore.

Unfortunately, he’s taken.

This was the first location we stopped at for our little photo shoot. It had been a beautiful day but it turned sour pretty much the minute we stepped out of the car. So we were limited to an overhang and about a three foot square area of good light. With an almost three year old. In a white shirt. And a hat! Photographers out there, are you sweating it for me?

I won’t say it was easy. But it was most certainly fun! How could it not be fun getting to hang out with the likes of this?

And this?  

And this?

So it was all good.

And then the sun came out and we had absolutely GORGEOUS weather for our second location (which I’ll share in a few days).

Oh, and before I forget…


(Ben asked me to say that.)

He also asked me to say that he’s pretty much smitten with his mama.


But I think you knew that already.

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Daphne I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures from our second location! You are one AMAZING photographer!! Love, love, love these!!

Lisa These are just absolutely adorable. Love them. And, knowing the storing behind this fabulous family, I got tears in my eyes viewing the pics. You certainly captured their love and the light emanating from this sweet boy. Mom has a blessing to cherish in these, for sure.

Lorena Mora Such a handsome boy that little Ben is. Well not so little I remember the first post and he has gotten so much bigger and I love the photos with his mama so sweet.

Samantha Oh, Daphne, please tell me you aren’t going to take that perfect child and turn him into an annoying, airport shouting, embarassment to his friends????? Stop the madness!!!!! No more War Eagle!

Daphne Samantha, If his friends are embarrassed then they aren’t the kind of friends he needs anyway ;)! He already knows several cheers!! I think if you saw it in person, you might even think it was stinking cute! War Eagle!

Lacey R Is GAP on the line? Because these photos are gorgeous & that little guy has model good looks!

Sherry B One word – “Priceless!”

Amy T. Two beautiful people…joy shouts from their faces. Love these!!

robin i have absolutely LOVED watching you capture ben over the years — his posts are some of my favorites of all time! what a handsome & sweet little guy.

btw, he totally looks GQ in the first shot to the right. his mama better watch out for all the swooning girls to come. 😉

Anne Ok Erin, these are really dangerous pics for me to see just before going to a Haiti orphanage. *sigh* Ben is just becoming more and more beautiful! Great pics, as usual.

Tarrah Love love love these!!!

Jenn Baby Ben was one of the first seeds God used to plant our desire to adopt :) Now we are getting ready to travel to pick up OUR son. Can’t wait! These are great captures….they are special people!!

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