grama’s sugar.

This family waited an unprecedented four days for their sneak peek (I’m usually speedy quick!) so prepare yourself for extra sweetness to make up for it. =)


ohmygoodness. My own little one has been saying that a ton lately – all strung together as if it’s one word – and it’s rubbing off on me. I found myself ohmygoodness-ing nearly every photo I opened of this doll face.

Here’s another one…



I loved that my time with her involved her parents and her grandparents. And I loved how her grandmama (did I spell that right?) kept calling her "grama’s sugar". I think it’s an apt description…I could definitely eat her sweetness right up with a spoon!


yes…that’s her GRANDMAMA…can you believe it?! Gorgeousness runs in the family apparently.

Her parents got some of it too…


I could have photographed this amazing family all day long. There was a football game on though so I don’t think they were really down with that. At least not the males. =)

6 3

We took a ton at the end of her being carted around by her grandparents in this gorgeous wagon they had saved from when their children were small. It’s in pristine condition (which mom claims is because she never got to ride in it!) and little-mini was LOVING every second of it.


And as an added bonus for being so patient, R, I’ll be sending your whole gallery tonight!

jen That baby is a dolly, what a gorgeous family!

Roz In the words of Sarah… OhMyGoodness! Erin you are the absolute bestest. We had such a good time with you and you definitely caught my family just as we are! I can’t thank you enough for capturing the moments for us. hehehe I don’t even consider 4 days a wait, you know how bad I am with time. Lots of lovin!

jeramy wow. gorgeous! great job erin.

cas simply breathtaking.

Tina Beautiful…baby & photos! Her eyes are amazing. Was she in front of a large window or an open door? Love the catchlights!

Jen Lane what’s funny is ohmygoodness is the first thing I thought when I saw these!!
She is beautiful! I adore those first two especially, but they are all beautiful!

Amy Pensyl Wow. Amazing work, Erin. Wow.

Jennifer That is one gorgeous family!! And one HOT grandmama!!! :)

Trice Soo Cute. You did a wonderful job.

Cheryl Johnson isn’t she just adorable – love your work !

erin Thanks so much you guys for all the sweet comments. They were SO much fun to photograph! And yes, Tina, the first shot (and the others in that series) were taken in their foyer…right in front of the large front door.

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