Giving is Awesome WINNER ANNOUNCED!

There's something I didn't count on with this whole "Giving is Awesome" thing. 


I mean, giving IS awesome -and it's easy. But picking is most definitely not. The stories of four incredible families were sent in by people who love them and every single one of them touched me and rattled me just a bit. Picking is hard but giving is awesome so, no worries, I'll be hooking each of them up in one way or another. If you nominated a family for this contest check your inbox. 😉

The family that I've chosen to receive the full shebang was nominated by Meredith Sledd. She relayed the story of a family of four young girls from her church and school who lost their father barely two months ago in a tragic car accident. One week later, right before Halloween, one of the daughters was diagnosed with diabetes. A few weeks later that same daughter broke her finger. Meredith shared how the biblical story of Job kept coming to mind when thinking of these friends and I can certainly understand why.

So today on the Eve of Christmas I plan to get in touch with Meredith's nominated family and share what I hope will be a bit of good news on a day that is surely still filled with fresh grief. Thank you for opening your heart, Meredith. And thank all of you who nominated deserving families. I'll be in touch soon. =)

Merry Christmas all.

Allison Thank you, Erin. Thank you! I am so excited for my sweet friends and can’t wait to see the family images!

Susie PSU Good choice. Have fun telling them, and let us know their reaction!!

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