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Hello Readers! I hope that you are having a fabulous Monday!! I am not going to spend much time on small talk today. I’m going to get right to the delicious point!! 

Today I am going to tell you about GiGi’s Cupcakes, located at 2109 Whitesburg Drive South, Huntsville 35801. (there is also a location in Madison) 


Gigi’s is a cupcake specialty store and I love it. It has some of the most delicious cupcakes that I have ever eaten!  All the cupcakes are handmade from the freshest ingredients. 

They are all baked and decorated on site daily! 


The cupcake menu changes a few times a year, however they do have some staples like…. 


and…(this is my personal FAV!!!)

and this for the Chocolate Lovers…… 

They also have  flavors that go along with the season. YUM!!! This one is one that you can have on a lunch break!!! 


They also have “sweet” apparel! I really should get the shirt on the top !! It says what my heart feels!!:)

They also box your scrumptious treat in a special little box that makes it look even more delish (if possible!!) 


(It will look weird if someone sees you!!:)



This is a fun little spot to take your kiddos for a little date!! My son took me for my birthday!! 

And look who we have here… a couple of Cobb’s 


Be sure to like them on Facebook (GiGi’s, not the Cobbs. Ha! Although you can like Erin Cobb Photography right here.). They post new flavors and updates all the time! 


Make sure you stop by and tell them that we sent you!!! 

Here is a little something that will get you in…a DRAWING!! We have a gift certificate for a free cupcake! Comment below and we will have the drawing on Sunday June 26 at 8pm central standard time! 


Ann Duvall Mmmm…love Gigi’s!!!

Laurie H. GiGi’s is the best!

Ashley Gigi’s is the best! I love the white midnight madness. The icing is the BEST!

Ashley Gigi’s is the best! I love the white midnight madness, the icing is wonderful!!

Rachel Yum! Cupcakes are the best. Free ones are even better.

Amy S Those look fabulous!!! That banana split one. . . mmmm!! Wish I lived in Huntsville, but will definitely have to put this on my next visit list!

Lisa Sound Delicious! I’ve been wanting to stop by the location in Madison!

Beverly I am proud of say that Huntsville Mom About Town is none other than my beautiful daughter-in-law, Heather! I am always jealous when she tells me she had a GiGi’s cupcake and next time I am in town I just have to have one! Hint! Hint Heather! Banana Cream Pie or Banana Split will do just fine…

Alicia I Love GiGi’s!! Great for ‘just because’ gifts too!! I have a NEW FAVORITE…. FLOWER POWER!!! SOOOOO YUMMY!!!! Thanks Heather!!!

Christina h. I love GiGi’s!!!

Mendy I love Gigi’s!

Rebecca Ha! This is torture! I just posted yesterday how I now crave these things!!!

Megan I would love a GiGi’s cupcake!

amanda logan banana split is yummy

Heather I love GiGi’s! Thanks for such a creative post!

Amanda Love gigi’s they are so good!

Magen G I love GiGi’s, such a special treat for us! We love that they have a new location in Madison now…but my figure might not :)

Daphne OHHHH!!! This makes me so excited!! They are building a GiGi’s here!

Jennifer Have never had a Gigi’s cupcake but I’ve heard a lot about them. How awesome if my first was free!

Beth I’m glad we have a Gigi’s in Madison now!

Selena Stewart We love GiGi’s. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

Abigail Dobbins LOVE Gigi’s!

Angie G. I’d love a Gigi’s cupcake right about now!

Aisha LOVE IT!!

Kay GiGi’s Cupcakes are absolutely the best!

Amy My FAV treat!!!

Sunny I think my hips like Gigi’s even more than I do!

Joe Pile on that frosting please!

Melissa I love the cupcakes AND the icing. Not only tasty but also works of art!

Rhonda Ok, I need to celebrate losing 25 pounds with a Gigi’s cupcake 😉

Tracey I can never decide my favorite. I love them all.

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