frolicky fun | huntsville family photographer

It’s not an exaggeration to say that I could happily share every single shot from this session. I loved everything about this one – from the girl to her beautiful parents to the gorgeous field and the playful frolicking.

Oh wait. It was hot as blazes. Scratch what I just said. I didn’t love everything about the session! Oh my word I was melting. And I think we were only out for 45 minutes!

How is it that adults can be literally fainting from heat while little ones are still running around with such energy and wild abandon? It’s nuts! This little friend of mine has one speed: way faster than YOU. Oh how I love spunk. 😉

huntsville child photographer 2

It was all good as long as I could keep her running toward me. (Red Light, Green Light is my best friend.)

Huntsville child photographe r5

She belongs to such a cool family who has obviously poured their heart and soul into her. While she was playing with her daddy and begging for more airplane lifts he kept saying, “tell me your phone number first” or “tell my your address”. And she did. Effortlessly. I was SO impressed. She’s barely THREE!

huntsville baby photographer 3

Look at you Ms. Smarty Pants!

Huntsville family photographe r2

Nothing says, “I rule the roost” like this next shot. It’s a popular client request. And I’m pretty partial to it too.

Huntsville family photographe r4

Oh look! She’s running again! Surprise, surprise. 😉

Huntsville newborn photographer 1

This time she was on a mission to take those wedding flowers to her mama. She’s started the planning a wee bit early.

huntsville family photographer 1

And I have to end with what just might be my favorite daddy/daughter shot of all time. This is what adoration looks like…

Huntsville newborn photographer 3

Thanks for braving the sweltering temps with me you guys! I can’t wait to show you the rest!

robyn They’re all beautiful, but you’re right. That final shot is stunning!

Stacey Erin, thank you so much for capturing the spirit of the Hill family! Awesome job I love love love them! You even managed to use the tree I wanted as the backdrop…gosh your so talented!

Rebecca OMG, I LOVE that daddy/daughter shot! I wish I had one like that of me with my dad. It’s perfect!

Marla Erin, that daddy/daughter shot at the end is spectacular. LOVE it. :)

Jennifer What a gorgeous family and such beautiful shots. You can tell that little girl has some spunk going on!

Ann Marie Love the “Daddy” shot. I could so see Katie and Brad like that!!! :-)

Julie McCullough Beautiful work, I love the mommy and daddy kissing their precious little girl, too sweet!

Julie These all came out great, but I love the daddy shot..

Kristi Kelly Love the close up of her precious face and the one with both her parents kissing on her sweet cheeks and of course the daddy shot. They really are one sweet family!!

Amber beautiful!

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