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Let’s flashback for a moment shall we?

Just over three years ago I was sitting in this same spot, editing or web surfing or some such. My business in Huntsville had been officially open for about a month. The phone rang and a man’s voice on the other end said he’d love to surprise his wife with a portrait session. Music to my ears! Then he dropped the words I never expected to hear. They lived in Los Angeles. And would be flying to Huntsville for their portrait session, making our little city their family vacation destination.


I wanted to tell him how many amazing photographers they had in LA and how many more people were worthy of their time than I was. But I didn’t. I gulped hard, I googled him (a girl’s got to be safe!) and then I put them on the books. And two months later I met this amazing family…


I loved them instantly. We just clicked. And I’m proud to call them my friends today. That experience with them three years ago did so much for my confidence in myself and my art. So thank you friends. Thank you for being you and thank you for asking me to be a part of your family’s story. It’s nothing less than an honor.

Here they are last week…new red-headed (girl!) addition in tow…

These kiddos are total chamers, which wasn’t surprising to me at all. Even at 6 months old this little guy was a ham. He’s grown into that role nicely since then! 

His sister is following suit…

And I’m pretty sure they all learned from their big brother. 

And just because I love them so, I can’t help but throw this last one in. It’s a little shot I like to call “this ain’t as easy as it looks”!


Thank you my friends. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m chomping at the bit for you to see the rest. Brace yourselves.

Lisa Smiley beautiful shots for a beautiful family. i only met them one night when they graciously opened their home for your coffee meet up and could feel the warmth these photos evidence.

marilee OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have no words…. I love these so much – and it’s only the tip of the iceberg you say? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Creepy California Guy Erin, we LOVE the pics. Again, I didn’t think our kids smiled that much during the session with you but you proved me wrong again. What part of the country will we meet you next time? You are totally worth the travel and it was good to connect with you again!

Conni These are divine!!! So sweet!

Julie Preston Nice Job Erin. Love.

Lorna Thurman Spectacular!

Amy How wonderful to see this lovely family again–and with the new addition! I remember meeting them on their trip to Huntsville and they were awesome :-)

(And that shot of the brothers together–I seem to remember an almost identical expression from big brother at your first shoot with them, except he was holding a bunch of balloons!)

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