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A few months ago I rallied a group of my Huntsville favorites and bribed them to paint the Cottage. And what did I bribe them with? Portraits…what else!

So two weeks ago I hosted a day of minisessions at the Cottage for my friends. I LOVED IT! First of all, shooting here is amazing. The light, the grounds, the porch, the snacks when we get hungry – everything about shooting here makes my heart sing.

And the fact that my nearest and dearest were the guinea pigs for my first day of minis was the icing on the cake!

Appropriately, we started with the woman who made Cottage magic happen all Summer long…our retired Mom About Town!

Then my sweet neighbors joined me…they’re such daily fixtures in my life. I can’t imagine not having them across the street!

After that two of my favorite boys wandered up, and their mama expressed her doubts that a portrait of the two of them together would happen. Ha! They were angels.

And speaking of angels, this family plays that role often in my life. In fact, the day I met them for the first time back in 2007, I knew we would be able to make Huntsville home. We had found “our people”…

These girls are our Tate Farm buddies every year, and I was thrilled to see them in their pumpkin dresses, already gearing up for our Fall trip!

One of the really fun things about this minisession day was that so many of my friends lingered inside and visited with one another while I was still shooting. Which meant that my favorite new Huntsville family got to meet some of my besties. These guys are new to town but have burrowed their way into my heart pretty quickly. I can’t imagine Huntsville without them!And these guys moved onto our street from Madison after seeing all the raucous fun our little group of neighbors have on a daily basis. I guess they figured adding two toddlers to the mix would up the fun/crazy…and they were right! So glad to have these new neighbs…

And finally, the family the Cottage is forever indebted too. Because Chad Bostick is the daddy in this family and he’s the genius behind our amazing landscape design. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Chad and his work (Bostick Landscape Design). If you’re looking for a landscape architect to put your home or business over the top, Chad is your guy. Hands down. (Full blog post coming soon about all that.)

His family’s pretty cute too and his wife is one of my besties. I’d say I won the lottery with having that crew on my side!

Thanks to ALL of my friends who support me in every way. I can’t imagine this place without y’all!

Heather I love them Erin!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! – Heather AKA The Artist formly know as The Mom About Town

Beverly Erin – your friends are blessed beyond measure! Although I’m a little partial to the family in the first portrait. My favs! All of these portraits are amazing…I need to get to Huntsville soon!

Suzy Thank you soooo much Erin!! Everyone looks

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