free session anyone?

So yesterday I secretly fired off a newsletter to my newsletter recipients (sign up in the sidebar!) with a little contest inside. I told them if there wasn’t a winner by this morning I would open it up to blog readers. So here I am! There are some clients who are very, very close but none have hit the nail on the head yet. So here are the details:

As I sat in my desk chair yesterday morning putting the finishing touches on my website for the start of the year I was excited to have so many of 2009’s clients gracing the galleries and home pages. Looking back over all the beautiful portraits created this year makes me even more excited to head into 2010. But then I realized that I want YOU to see all the pretty new pictures on the website too! So I decided to bribe you into looking. =) I’ve come up with a simple little scavenger hunt…

Head over to my website and count how many boys and how many girls are on the entire site (not the blog…just the website). That includes ALL the pages on the site, not just the galleries. And be sure to count adults too! Newborns and babies might be a little tricky. 😉 Every image should be counted (but not the thumbnail images in the galleries) so if the same picture shows up more than once, count that child again. Also, be sure to notice that there are FIVE scrolling images on the home page. Take your best guesses and email me (erin at erincobb dot com) your final count. First person to get the number of boys and the number of girls correct OR the person to come closest by Friday at 7:00 p.m. (cst) gets one session fee waived in 2010. If you’ve already booked a session we’ll use it as a print credit.  



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