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Four days old and my youngest newborn to date! This little bundle is the daughter of friends and I was tickled to photograph her this morning while her mom and dad relaxed on my couch with some homemade cookies. Hey, there are perks to being friends with me. 😉


After a quick feeding she was o.u.t. This little open-mouthed pose makes me want to crawl into my bed and sleep for days!



She was so laid back that I was able to change our set up several times for some different looks. I love the color we were able to incorporate. And, wait, is that a hint of a dimple I see?



(I’ve been stock-piling blankets for newborns…can you tell? Ikea, baby.)


I love her little clam feet in this one…


And a little pursed lip action…


And, finally, some pics with her mega-proud big sister. I occasionally have pangs of jealousy with certain client images, wishing I had them of my own family. These next shots definitely belong in that category.


Goodness gracious. I love these girls!


Thanks for hanging out today you guys! See you soon!

Kelly That sibling shot is incredible! What a great big sister!!

Janelle Anderson Amazing! I absolutely love the pink had and yes, the blankets are perfect too. What beautiful girls and photos!

Lisa Church These pictures are awesome! You are an incredible photographer. These shots are magical. They mad me cry. I am so blessed to be the grandmother of these precious girls. I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you so much!

Heather Oh how I love my nieces!!!!! you did a great job Erin!!! You should have posted too that the mother of this angel said “it was the best day ever!!!” thanks Erin! Love ya!

Dawn P Oh my gosh, those are BEAUTIFUL !!!! Great job Erin…
you guys have precious babies !!!

shannon so adorable! i love the pops of color. she’s beautiful!

Gina Love the white fabric in the first picture and the sibling pictures are just precious! Can I just say these baby pictures could give anyone baby fever…

P.C. These are adorable…Nate wishes he had come in time to watch Chachi do her magic on him :)

Eva great pics.

Debbie What a wonderful job you have done. My Granddaughters look like they should be in a magazine. I am so proud to show these pictures off to anyone that will take time to look at them. Thank you so much.

Amber: The Proud Mama Erin I just want to thank you for making Chloe’s picture day “the best day ever”!! It really was wonderful and I cried when I saw these for the first time.

Debbie Lee Yes, the “pangs of jealousy”… I have them too. I love capturing images for people that will make their hearts so so happy, but in the process I feel very sad that they aren’t my own. Those are just the most precious sibling shots. And I love the blankets.

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