While under normal circumstances, I’m about the last person on the planet you’d ever refer to as “fearless”, I can definitely channel my inner Braveheart when it comes to getting the perfect shot. Last week my sister shared these images she snapped of me doing my thing in Newport Beach.

Yes, I got soaked. And maybe a bit bloodied by the sharp rocks. But this sweet child was worth it…

The main point of this fearless post though is aimed at you moms out there. You know, the ones of you who never want to have your picture taken and would never, ever, under any circumstances admit that you actually like a picture of yourself.

This post is for you.

You are the ones who should truly be fearless. Because I guarantee you that you will never, ever, under any circumstances, make a worse face in a picture than your photographer does…

Which should most certainly lay all your fears to rest. 😉


Sally C. Thanks for the reminder, Erin. I just printed a bunch of photos to update my walls at home and love the photos I chose. I experience such joy looking around at the three faces I love so much. But, when I look around, my face is only there once or twice in the 30-ish images hanging on my walls. Not only do I need to be willing to be in front of the camera, but I also have to choose myself (sometimes) when I get to the printing stage!

Elizabeth Johnson You are wonderful Erin…going to extremes to perfectly capture a child. Great reminder too to remember ourselves, I treasure the photos you took of me and my sweet Owen!

Kelli It’s a good idea to practice “how to fall with a camera” before going out on to rocks at the beach. I did it, and promptly slid in sea slime and landed on my side on a huge rock. But I held my camera up high and the only thing hurt was my elbow and all of my left side. Maybe my pride, but no one really noticed because when I fell I also yelled “I”M DOWN!” And everyone thought that was hilarious.

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