endorphine rush.

You know the feeling you get after a really good workout? I can’t say I’ve ever experience "runner’s high" although I can appreciate the feeling of a hard-earned sweat on a summer evening. Well, this little dude had me sprinting from the word "go" and I left with a smile on my face and a day’s workout behind me.

He was fast.

These images make me giggle because they don’t seem to tell that story. I look at this and I see calm, serene, contemplative.



But his mom and I know the truth! =)


I loved that mom was willing to jump in for some of my favorite kind of shots at the end – the ones that capture who you are together. The ones that take me out of the equation and leave only parent + child. The ones that whisper "I adore you."

The ones like this.


Priceless moments.

Susie I want to see the chase- Erin! And do tell about that colorful chair- is it yours or at the park? It looks so cool!

erin Oh I wish it was mine! His mama actually painted it when she was in college. I had to grab it when I saw it sitting in their kitchen. =)

Jen Lane These are beautiful. What a DOLL he is!

jeramy super cute! love the shot on the bench…

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