eight month blues. | huntsville baby portraits.

Monday was my first day back from nine days of vacation. I suppose normal people would be dreading that re-entry. And I’ll admit that it was hard to give up the 24/7 company of my husband. But when I got to trade that company for this face on Monday, I really couldn’t complain…

Little Miss has been teething up a storm which brought on a few sad faces. But is it heartless for me to admit that she has the most precious sad faces in the history of babykind??


Okay, then. Call me heartless.

She was really, really wanting to gnaw on something but the big plastic toys she preferred just weren’t going to cut the mustard for our little portrait session. So we gave her her silver bracelet instead.

In addition to the sweetest sad faces on the planet, we did get a couple of half smiles inside too. And they were all thanks to her big bro, who is pretty much the man…

And knows it.

Happy eight months big girl. Here’s hoping those teeth come in soon!

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