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Every child is a joy to photograph. Every child has a unique sparkle waiting to be captured. Sometimes they make you work for it.

But sometimes, it’s like taking candy from a baby*.


It’s been a long, long time since I’ve met a child who was this easy to photograph (if I ever have). This little guy is 11 months old and right on the border between crawling and walking. He would stand for long periods of time but never take off…a photographer’s dream! Add in the perfectly chubby cheeks and his delicious green (blue? hazel?) eyes and it’s a recipe for beautiful portraits.

How cool is this truck they brought along? I love when clients bring unique things to incorporate. It can elevate images from cute photos to one-of-a-kind pieces of art.


And what one-year old shoot would be complete without an airplane shot?

2  4

Yep. Are they cute or what? I told them they could totally be the picture frame family!

*no candy was taken from this baby in the creation of these images. =)

Amy Gorgeous, as always!

Hillary Holy Crap he looks like his daddy!!

Drea I love that last one the best! soo soo cute! his expression is priceless

stephanie what a sweet sweet little boy!! ooooh, and what an awesome truck that is! :)

Niki Could that cutie head little boy look more like his dad?! Great pictures!! :)

desiree what amazing light you found in that second shot, Erin! were you using a relector (and i use the term loosely!) at all?

erin Thanks Desiree! I didn’t use a reflector but his mom was standing right where he’s looking and she had on a white shirt which is what gave those amazing catchlights. And that’s the reason why I ALWAYS wear white to sessions. =)

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