December Boys | Huntsville children’s photographer

Today started what might be my favorite photography season. Christmas cards have all been created and delivered and holiday sessions are over. I love that frenzied pace of Fall but it’s always so nice to sit back and relax a bit too. I love December and January sessions. They’re relaxed, carefree, and refreshing. And today, with the two boys I photographed this morning, I felt incredibly lucky.

Very, very lucky…

That little man just turned one. I’ve had this session scheduled almost since the day he was born. And I’ve been looking forward to it ever since! You may remember his older brother who is no stranger to his blog…

Although he’s changed quite a bit since his last appearance here!

It’s pretty cool to see his little brother in action now. They certainly bear a resemblance to one another but their features are distinct. I love that!

And I love THIS…

He kept trying to get inside that door. I think he wanted to warm up from our December in Huntsville cold snap!

But instead we just plopped big brother down next to him for warmth…and for that sweet shot their mama wanted of them together.

Way to go boys!

May How cute! love the colors.

Lee I just can’t stop looking at these, Erin! They are just wonderful! (the Gammy)

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