cure for the madness.

I’m sitting smack dab in the middle of the busiest season for photographers AND the busiest season for my family. Life has been crazy. Fun-crazy but crazy never the less. When I got the call last week that one of my expectant mama clients had given birth I was practically giddy with excitement over her newborn session. Photographing this sweet babe was just the breath of fresh air I needed this month!

She started out quite awake but never once made even so much as a whimper.


After a dose of milk, a heating pad, a space heater, and my rain machine pitter-pattering away at full blast she couldn’t fight it any longer! I may have to try that combination the next time *I* can’t get to sleep! 


I rarely show parents images as I’m shooting but this one was BEGGING to be passed to mom as soon as the shutter clicked.


And my personal favorite…


Now if you’ll excuse me – I think I need a nap! =)

Jennifer Oh my goodness!!! Those are!

Amy How CUTE!!! Makes that whole newborn stage look so eAsY! Great work!!

Crystal OHhhh that last one is just simply….sweet!

Sarah Oh my – these make my baby fever 10 times worse!! Beautiful!

Melissa These are beautiful!! Wow! What a blessed mother and a darling little newborn

christen Beautiful baby. The last shot is priceless!!

Amy I just found your blog and I am so impressed. I am an instant fan! LOVE the last shot.

becky Stanley love, love, love the pics! fantastic shots! wish i lived closer to you for my fam photos!!

jennie oh my goodness – almost makes me think i need another babe around the house! :-)

Cheryl Johnson loving the yawn shot

michele This is so cute, I have tears in my eyes!!!

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