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In the interest of honesty, I should first say that this isn’t actually the Mom About Town blogging today. Heather is due to give birth next week so she’s (literally) laying low these days. So it’s Erin here. =) Heather will be taking the next couple of months off to be with her new little man so this will be our last Mom About Town post for a while. But she promises to be back after her break with even more fun and exciting things going on around Huntsville! If you wish to contact her about the series or just want to wish her well, you can always contact her at heather (at) erincobb (dot) com.

But speaking of babies and births, I was invited to the grand opening of Crestwood’s Maternity Center’s THREE new LDRP birthing rooms. LDRP stands for Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum, which means – hallelujah! – you can arrive at the hospital and settle into one comfy room for the long haul. Coming from a mama who gave birth to her first child in a military hospital, that sounds divine! And it’s even better when they look like this…

Check out this comfy and chic pull-out bed for family members!

The three LDRP’s are designed to create a family-centered birth experience. With my first child I didn’t realize how much those things mattered, but once my son was born I was ready to take charge and have the birth I hoped for. Starting with bringing my own jammies and changing out of those awful gowns the minute he was born! I know I would have loved staying in the same room where I labored, and not feeling like we had to rearrange the world once the baby was born.

I’ve officially turned into one of those women who says with disdain, “you girls today have it so good…they didn’t have that when *I* had a baby…” Don’t even get me started on video baby monitors! 😉

These rooms were actually designed by the nurses at Crestwood who are mothers of young children themselves. They spent time listening to their patients and thinking about their own experiences in order to create the most welcoming hospital environment possible. You girls rock!

I delivered my son Ephraim at Crestwood four years ago. And while it was lovely, it wasn’t anything like the warm, welcoming environment that these rooms are now.

Can’t you guys imagine taking your baby’s first picture in front of these signs?

And there’s even a room down the hall where siblings and family members can play together. Every little detail was attended to. I love that!

If you’re interested in delivering at Crestwood, be sure to talk with your doctor about your options and then schedule a tour of the Maternity Center. I think you’ll love what you find!

Hilary Russell Erin, I love this post! Also, is that Andrea above? I have been meaning to drop something by for her. She was so sweet to Victor and I while we were at Crestwood. Please let me know!

stephanie Erin, thanks for sharing this! We are delivering at Crestwood in April and I didn’t know about all the updates. I’m just glad they got it ready for me. :)

Erin So cool! I wanted to go to the Open House and check it out but never made it! Very cool updates indeed! And I, too, agree it would be so nice to stay in one room the whole time…they definitely didn’t have that when I had a baby either…all of 6 months ago 😉

Erin Hilary, yes, it is Andrea. She was the one that invited me. She’s so sweet! Let me know if you need her contact info. =)

So glad you girls enjoyed the post. Best of luck Stephanie!

Erin Hilary, yes, it is Andrea. She was the one that invited me. She’s so sweet! Let me know if you need her contact info. =)

So glad you girls enjoyed the post. Best of luck Stephanie!

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