Holiday gifts seem to be on everyone’s mind these days. For those of you who are choking right now at your lack of preparedness for the impending season let me assure you that while I’ve been ultra-busy helping everyone else achieve their perfect holiday gifts I haven’t done a single ounce of shopping or planning for my own family yet. So no worries! =)

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These boys came to me a bit more than a week ago to have portraits done as a surprise for their grandparents. It was so fun to spend time with each of them and get to know their personalities a bit.

Would you believe that this one was SO not into having his picture taken? And then when I opened the images on my computer the majority of them looked like this. Like he leapt off the pages of a modeling portfolio…a natural!


His little brother on the other hand was way into it. I’m pretty sure he would have stuck by me for another four hours if I’d had enough tic tacs to throw his way! Gotta love a willing subject!


Their cousin was the last one up and he was the talker of the bunch. We had a fabulous little conversation and I’m not sure he realized half the time that I was even taking his picture! Adorable!


So if you’re a present planner like these dudes are then give yourselves a pat on the back for being ahead of the game. If you still need a little push though consider this your encouragement to get started!

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